Order Exams, Posters and Cards

Statistics Learning Centre have secure exams, classroom posters and class sets of summary cards available to order.

Secure Exams

Secure exams are available for all Statistics External NCEA standards. The exams are available for secure testing and cost $25 each. Conditions apply to the use of these exams.

To order exams for 2016, please use our secure exam order form which will be available in 2016.

Classroom Posters

Three classroom posters are available. The posters can be purchased from our online Store: Dragonistics

OSEM Poster PPDAC Poster Bivariate Poster

Class Sets of Summary Cards

Class sets of postcards can be purchased from our online Store: Dragonistics.  Currently there is one set of postcards with the OSEM poster on one side and the bivariate poster on the other.

Class set of postcards

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